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1. Options Basics

This video starts at the very basics of what options are, how to trade, them and which one to select for maximum profit.

3. MontePulls (MP) / MonteZone (MZ) / Perfect Pull

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2. Speed Fan

In this video, Monte explains his use of the Fib Speed Resistance Fan (Speed Fan – SF) and how he uses it to help predict Support & Resistance by depth of retracement – but also one of the most important trading aspects, Time.

1. MonteForks

Monte’s unique use of the Pitchfork Tool to help track cycle progression by utilizing all 4 types of Pitchforks on the same pivots.

2. 3’s C’s & E’s Elliott Wave Trading Strategy

3’s C’s & E’s Elliott Wave Trading Strategy give you a structured trading plan that will help with staying consistent, reducing overtrading, limiting emotions, and finding high probability set ups.

1a. Office Hours – Advanced Trading Measured Moves

This video is the recording of the Office Hours held with members to ask any questions they have about Measured Moves.

1. Advanced Trading Measured Moves

Measured Moves are powerful price patterns evident in stocks, cryptocurrency, and FX charts. Trading algorithms that are developed around these moves are heavily deployed in automated trading strategies by large, market-making institutions.

This video is a guide on Trading Measured Moves.  Not just the same trading techniques your father used, either!  There are in depth explanations of major technique modifications that make incorporating the Measured Move into your trading more profitable than ever before.

7. Support & Resistance Zones

Practical application of drawing and using Support and Resistances.

1. Zig Zag

In this video you will learn all about the Zigzag Elliott Wave pattern, including how to leverage it in your trading.

5. Wave Function Vs Mode

Elliott wave theory is the study of fractal wave patterns evident in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and FX charts.

In this video you will learn the foundational notion of wave function and wave mode. You will be able to leverage this knowledge to better understand the condition of the market at a given time, and eventually increase consistency in your trading results