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About us

MonteCrypto began investing in the cryptocurrency space in 2013. He has seen the Cryptosphere go from less than 10 coins total to over 20,000. When he began the total marketcap of all crypto was less than 1.5 Billion. Needless to say Monte, has the experience & expertise needed to pass on the knowledge of how markets move. 

He has his Elliott Wave Certification, however he has created his own unique strategy he deems ‘Monte Magic’ – a one-of-a-kind system formulated through a decade-long observation of market trends. His use of Pitchforks, Speed Fans & his own iteration of the Fibonacci tool is something you wont want to miss out on learning.

Hov has been an avid trader in the crypto and futures markets since 2016, leveraging his extensive background in finance to maximize returns. After earning his degree in Finance, Hov quickly established himself in the world of investments and asset management, working with a top investment banking firm. During this time, he acquired multiple Series licenses, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

A true globetrotter with a penchant for adventure, Hov decided to break free from the constraints of a traditional 9-5 job and dive headfirst into the world of technical analysis. This ultimately led him to discover Elliott Wave, a powerful trading technique that has since become the cornerstone of his trading strategy.

Determined to master this approach, Hov became a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst and soon found himself being invited to join the ranks of one of the top Elliott Wave instructional organizations. Over the course of three years, he shared his knowledge and expertise with hundreds of eager students, teaching them how to trade profitably using Elliott Wave principles.

In 2020, Hov shifted his focus towards his own trading endeavors and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Today, he continues to excel in the trading world, using his unique skill set and experience to stay ahead of market trends and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Tutum has been teaching Wave Theory techniques for over 5 years in a professional capacity. He has a history of producing accomplished students in use of the theory, as well as certification they acquire. He is highly proficient in the use of Wave Theory for identifying and forecasting price patterns in the markets.

Tutum holds a CEWA-M (Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Master Designation) certification from Elliott Wave International the premier authority on Wave Theory. The Master designation qualifies him to teach the theory by their standards. The depth of knowledge he holds goes well beyond the teachings of and requirements by EWI for the CEWA certification. In addition to books published by EWI he has studied the works of Ralph Nelson Elliott himself, in depth, and is always teaching and talking about the theory from the unique perspective that study affords him.

Tutum also has a deep understanding of Measured Moves popularized by David Hasley, Market Geometry, Wykcoff Theory, and Market Profile popularized by James Dalton.

Tutum trades the Crypto and Traditional markets. He focuses primarily on the SP500 and Bitcoin in his trading, but does frequently trade alt coins, other indices, and single stocks. He attributes his success in trading to his application of KISS principles that allow him to take the very complicated principles from his areas of study and apply them very simply to allow for success in real-time.

Eryxis82 has been an investor since his Senior year of high school, and has invested through two “once in a lifetime” market crashes, he has been an active trader since 2018 and experienced an additional “once in a lifetime” market crash (and two crypto crashes).

His formative years were heavily impacted by adverse market conditions, and he is an expert in trading both ways, but secretly enjoys bear markets. Eryxis82 has actively traded every asset class that has liquidity and volatility, but has found his niche in short term and day trading options on traditional assets.

During his five years of actively trading he has paid off his house, and an investment property with profits from trading. He has booked over $400,000 in trading profits, with over half of his net earnings being won in the past 18 months.

Mekatataku is a full-time trader/investor and Elliott wave analyst who started out investing in crypto back in 2017. After the market crash in 2018, he was undeterred and shifted his focus to learning more about trading with the goal of eventually trading full-time.

In 2019, he began studying Elliott Wave and learned advanced application of the theory through the teachings of Tutum and Hov. He went on to center his trading strategy around wave theory and quit his day-job later that same year to trade full-time.

In the years that followed, his dedication and commitment to mastering Elliott Wave theory has helped him effectively navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market, resulting in great financial success.

He’s now a team member at Transform trading, sharing his expertise and knowledge to members alongside his former mentors.